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Who We Are

We value ourselves as being the peoples champ of pest control, priding ourselves on being the best pest control company built for the people since 2005. Our company was started on the mindset of bringing quality work at the same time making it affordable. Our collective experience includes 6 years as pest control technicians, 9 years as a manger in pest control, along with multiple licenses that include pest management, wildlife control, vertebrate, mosquitos and more in the state of Ohio and Indiana. As a privately owned and experienced company we focus on our customers needs by building a positive rapport and maintaining a trusting customer relationship. Big corporations choose to view their customers as dollar signs and provide average to below average results. We choose to view our customers with respect and as part of the Price-Less family with top notch workmanship and exceptional results. We love and enjoy what we do and our work will show you this. 



Our goal is to make every treatment and service a priceless experience. Making sure to have the best customer service to handle all of your needs while doing it all with a smile. 

What to Expect

  • Licensed, certified and fully experienced technicians ready to answer and take care of all of your pest/wildlife control needs

  • Professional pest/wildlife control equipment, insecticide, virucide and herbicide sprays with organic options 

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee making sure you are satisfied 

  • Many discounts built to make life decisions easier 

  • Free over the phone estimates giving you a price and date of service for your convenience

  • Plus much much more 

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